Alan Rickman

Today I woke up to a text of  {{{ HUGS }}}

At first I was confused. How did this person know I just called out sick? Are they really sending hugs for being out sick. Didn’t think too much more on it until my phone went off again. I then jumped on Facebook and my heart crumbled.

Alan Rickman has passed. He has been one of my favorite actors for a long time. It doesn’t surprise me that the general public/fans didn’t know that he had cancer. He was extremely private.

When Harry Potter first came out I did not read the books. But when the first movie came out…. I was hooked!  Seeing Alan Rickman as Severus Snape drew me in and I still haven’t escaped.

Due to this love of all things Harry Potter, mainly Snape, I have met many wonderful people. I’ve attended a few Harry Potter conventions, danced with a few Severus Snape cosplayers and we’ve even talked about Severus Snape in fan fic. All the while we were thinking the same thing, Alan Rickman.

I remember the first time seeing him on stage at BAM. I had Rachel on my left and my husband on my right. We were in the front row, and their the front row, is on the stage! When Alan came on stage they both moved their elbows so I couldn’t get up. Like I would really jump up and run over to him. 😛  After the play the actors did not come out, but it worked out that we went back before the evening show let out. Rachel and I were the first two to the stage door. Mike was great and went to get the car in NJ so that we didn’t have walk back. Plus we left the posters in the car. We got to meet him. He signed our posters. He was so freakin’ nice.

Today we are all saddened. It was a blow when his character died and this is 10000000000 times worse.

The hands, the voice, the man. He will be missed.


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